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This quintet from Pittsburgh, PA can be best described as alternative, emo, make-you-feel-something rock. While somewhat tongue and cheek, the long-winded tag fits perfectly with the band's personality. Atlantic Wasteland prides themselves on evoking an intimate connection from the listener while still maintaining a light-hearted outlook at the bigger picture of life. Spacey, ambient, post-rock vibes intertwined with high-energy punk delivers a fresh take on modern rock from Atlantic Wasteland. The group tends to straddle the line of making deep, emotional connections through their music, yet avoiding the pitfalls of taking themselves too seriously. 


The band's debut LP entitled, "You'll Never See the Bigger Picture If You're Standing That Close" was released on July 19th, 2019. As of January 2020, the album had received 140,000+ streams on Spotify and Atlantic Wasteland has garnered over 11,000 monthly listeners. The top grossing song from the album, "A Dog Named Fletcher," is fast approaching 90k streams by itself while other tracks such as "Don't Call Me Your Bud" & "It's Rude to Point Fingers" have collected a combined 44k streams. Seeing as their previous EP had only produced a total of 11k streams, 2019 was a year of enormous growth for the band. 


Below are a handful of our music videos. See more on our YouTube page here.


A collection of high resolution photos can be downloaded here.


Atlantic Wasteland has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with the following bands:


AnberlinAnti-Flag, Bayside, bloom., Cartel, The Dangerous Summer, The Clarks, Eternal Boy, Gene the Werewolf, Grayscale, Hit the Lights Knuckle Puck, Less than Jake​, Mayday Parade, Our Last Night, Patent Pending, Real Friends, Seaway, Simple Plan​, and The Spill Canvas.

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